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Machine Culture: Identity

I think what I believe will shape who I am. I believe machine culture and Machine culture is a cultural possibility I've discovered during my long time with computers. The metaverse allowed what I believed and what I wanted to grow on my body.

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Machine culture is a kind of information from the future that I get from my relationship with computers, and this culture will thrive in the metaverse. Let machine cognition change from a wrong content to valuable content. Open a path where machines don't have to imitate humans. Rebuild the relationship between machines and people.

​​Collaborate with YeXia

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Machine cognition masks

I applied the processing system for face features to abstract non-face images. These results would allow the computer to process unfamiliar information with data it already has. Just like a person who tries to learn something new. 

 Then these featured images are put back into the faces, The abstract features of the faces have a different atmosphere in the eyes of machine cognition, like a  subconscious human face for the machine.

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