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“ERROOOR” --- Personal System

Mind Visualization: Experiment

The project is an attempt to stylize the results of text-to-image. The system allows users to get computer-generated results in their own style. By learning from individual works, it provides the user with an inspirational reference or even outputs the work instead of the user.

The goal is to unify the stylistic and aesthetic results of textual information to images and to retain the processing and characteristics of computers that are not human.

THE CHAOS-24.jpg
THE CHAOS-23.jpg

These so-called errors usually disappear in subsequent updates of the algorithm, yet this part is also the most imaginative part of the computer. the addition of AI makes everything that results include meaning, not just cold calculations. These errors are new possibilities, and computers are not only bionic in direction. These possibilities glow with a more independent machine civilization.

THE CHAOS-33.jpg
THE CHAOS-32.jpg
THE CHAOS-35.jpg
THE CHAOS-37.jpg
THE CHAOS-39.jpg

Applying a personal style to the ai image results leads to a computer art generation system where the entire system is customized for the user.

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