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Co-Dream: SCENE

Dream Island is a form of virtual architecture that visualizes dreams. Each island is unique. Each dream forms a separate island. Dream islands can be a kind of meta-universe building units that are stored and traded.

Weilin spring term final-22_edited.jpg
Weilin spring term final-21.jpg

The visualization of dreams must be associated with computer technology, so parametric AI generation by computer may be a more direct way of visualization. The dream islands use the brain signal-text-image-3d model, where the content and emotions of the dream are provided by the user. Emotional information will provide the pattern and color atmosphere of the island. The specific content will be translated into a concrete model to appear on the island.


The modeling of objects in the project does not rely on a depth map model conversion tool; this part will be replaced by a full-fledged AI 3D generator in the future.

Weilin spring term final-15.jpg
Weilin spring term final-16.jpg

Other Directions

Dream Island can be a mental sandbox.
Holding the percentage of computer cognition, it can present the state of a real sandbox, which can be used as a reference model for mental mapping and other related aspects.

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